12" Glass Lenses for Stoplights

When ordering please note lens colors desired.

Price: $7.50
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  New 12" LED Traffic Light Lens - This LED lens will easily replace a glass or plastic lens in any US made traffic light that uses 12" lenses. LED Lenses use much less energy and are becoming the standard for traffic control and other uses worldwide.
  Hangers - This is a gooseneck traffic light hangar. It comes with everything needed to attach it to the top of your traffic light. It can be used to assist with hanging a traffic light from a chain or rope. A span hangar attachment and also a balancer can be attached to this gooseneck to assist with hanging a traffic light from a span wire.
  Traffic Light Stand - This stand can hold and display your traffic light. It can hold a 12" lens traffic light or an 8" lens traffic light. It can also hold any size pedestrian signal. Comes complete with everything you need to attach your traffic light a top of it.
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